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How to tighten the manual eject screw on the ps4

It' s also possible they are scratched up. The PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro, each has a manual eject screw associated with the disc drive should issues arise and the disc gets stuck. The screw is so small that a jeweler s screwdriver works best, though any tiny Phillips- head will do. Here' s how to manually eject a PS4 disc stuck in your PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro. This solution is a little more involved, but not difficult. You can still eject discs through the menu, and it stops the issue entirely.
In the above diagram, the orange arrow is pointing toward the manual eject screw s burrow. I took mine apart to clean it and when I put it back together the eject button wouldn' t sense anything anymore so I ejected my disc through the options while the PS4 was on and when I went to put something else in it won' t pull it in so I used the manual screw to get it in but it still didn' t read. Don’ t worry – this won’ t affect the warranty. If the above solutions fail you can always try tightening the manual eject screw. Tighten the manual- eject screw Your PlayStation 4 has a special way of ejecting discs if, for some reason, the button doesn’ t work or the hardware won’ t power up. What I actually ended up doing was opening the system up and taping off the sensor behind the eject button. Here is a step- by- step guide on how to manually remove stuck disc in Playstation 4. Tighten the manual eject screw. When i looked the hand crank is loose on the door so it wobles and just makes it difficult and looks like its putting way too much stress on a failing part. Eventually, on Sony' s site, I found " tighten manual eject screw" I did that and it seemed to work, for a while, after which the PS4 had the issue again.
Checked the rubber feet and it seems like there is a noticeable gap between the eject button and the middle rubber foot. - Unplugged the PS4 from anywhere from Sony' s suggested three minutes to ten hours and it still persists. On the front panel or need to tighten its manual eject screw if your game is stuck, you have a few options to choose from. You only have to pop off the HDD panel, then tighten a small, somewhat hidden screw. PS: In case you don' t know what screw we' re talking about you can see it on PS4' s manual, search for manually eject disc, the screw is under the same cover you open to change the hard drive.

Note: This requires you to unplug every cable from your PS4. It does sound like the rollers inside the disc drive are probably really dirty. On a clean, flat, surface place the PS4 in front of you so the front of the system is on. For the 12xx series they do have a manual eject screw ( I' ll link the video below).

Pull the HDD out of the console. It seems like it' s fixed now, The manual eject screw got bumped during shipping and I had to tighten it. It doesn' t seem to tighten at all but I did rotate it clockwise a few. First, unplug everything from the console and place it in. Yeah, It' s a tiny screw that' s inside the PS4, Sony customer support told me it' s a common issue. There is a manual eject screw that you will need to use a screw driver to tighten to stop this from happening. No matter what model console you’ re playing on, be it the original PS4, the PS4 Slim, or a PS4 Pro, each has a manual eject screw associated with the disc drive should problems arise and your disc gets stuck. The PS4 uses a screw kept underneath the hood. I used to have this issue as well once I used to move the PS4 from downstairs TV to upstairs, I cleaned eject button ( looked clear but still gave it a rub with my finger hurr hurr) and screwed the eject screw for like 15 seconds before giving up. You' ll need a phillips screwdriver to tighten it, but thankly you won' t need to open anything further to fix the problem, so it doesn' t mess with warrant. Pop the PS4′ s HDD lid off.

Has worked since, so I can only assume it was the button rather than the screw. In fact every model of PS4 does. Tighten the manual- eject screw. Unplug everything from your PS4 I tried removing the rubber stopper as well as tightening the screw and neither ended up being a fix for me.

I had the same issue aswell was trying to eject disc that wasn' t ( never been) there sony sent me an email on the screw to turn it stays loose ( not tighten) it is a manual release for discs if they get stuck or PS4 dies I done this what a month ago and it hasn' t come back heres a thread I made on Empire PS4 Fix. This is a widespread issue and also a nasty one. Errr what manual eject screw? The PS4 uses this screw to allow discs that are stuck in the drive to be ejected and it can come loose, confusing your console. BUT in your case I don' t think you need to manually eject it. I did it again and it only worked for a shorter time before " screwing up" again.

The manual way to eject a stuck PS4 disc. Turn off the PS4. Ps4 Manual Disc Eject Not Working The console has a failsafe for if a disc gets stuck in the slot, but rather than the little In the above diagram, the orange arrow is pointing toward the manual eject. Remove the hdd panel, the glossy part by sliding panel and tighten the manual eject screw. So i was driving her home from work today and i noticed the window was alot harder to roll up.
- Attempted to tighten the manual eject screw. I had the same issue with my launch PS4. There is a layer of plastic which you will need to push through to remove the screw. Wipe the dust from the eject button. Tighten manual eject screw. The PS4 Slim, or a PS4 Pro, each has a manual eject screw associated with the disc drive should. How to tighten the manual eject screw Note: This requires you to unplug every cable from your PS4. Is your PlayStation 4 randomly ejecting discs?

Basics aside, you' re probably here because the previous options didn' t work or you' ve had an even bigger error- filled calamity that got your PS4 disc stuck. Insert the screwdriver into the manual eject hole and turn anti- clockwise to release the disc. How to tighten the manual eject screw on the ps4. Can sony not just release a big patch to resolve all issues? Method One: The Easy No- Take- Apart Way This first method is going to be the first one you want to try, since it does not involve taking apart your PlayStation 4. Screw we' re talking about you can see it on PS4' s manual, search for.

Instead, it spins infinitely. Slide more than pull. One thing I noticed is that the screw does not actually tighten. Well, there were plenty of ways to eject a stuck disc in the PS3, and there' s already a few ways to do it on the PS4. This comes in the form of the manual- eject screw. This may require serveral turns of the screw.

The trouble is that if the screw is too loose, the PS4 could interpret it as wanting to eject a disc all the time, causing unexpected eject issues. Don’ t forget to tighten the screw before you replace the HDD bay cover! But this screw can sometimes come loose, which the PS4 will interpret as a technician.
Unplug the power, HDMI, and any other cables from the back of your PS4 system. You can also choose the game in your games list, press the Options button on your controller and choose the Remove Disc option and eject it that way. Step 1: Remove the glossy section of the cover. Solution 3: Tighten the manual disc- eject screw: There’ s a screw in the PS4 you can use to manually eject a disc if for some reason all other methods of ejecting don’ t work. Here’ s a few fixes.
If you prefer to have your ps4 horizontally chilling beside your TV, then you might wanna try to raise your PS4 up off the ground by placing a couple of CD cases underneath. How to save your PS4 from the auto eject disc bug. But this screw can sometimes come loose, which the PS4 will interpret as a technician trying to get the disc out of the system. How to eject a disc from your PlayStation 4.

How to tighten the manual eject screw. Fingers crossed nothing else happens. Tighten the manual eject screw. PS4 Pro, each has a.