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Eppendorf research pro electronic pipette manual

Manual Liquid Handling. Eppendorf Reference ® 2. Eppendorf research pro electronic pipette manual. Before using the Research pro for the first time, please read the entire operating manual. Pipetting with Research pro means taking the load of your hand and arm muscles, so safeguarding your health and making your working day happier. The Research pro is the only electronic pipette where Ergonomic handling and operation was the top priority during the entire development process.

Transferpette® Electronic Pipette Eppendorf Xplorer ® / Eppendorf Xplorer ® plu. We provide Manual and Electronic Eppendorf pipettes, Eppendorf Repeater pipettes, controllers and dispensers at Pipette. Before working with the Research pipette, please read the operating manual. Pipettes of different volume ranges as well as manual and electronic types are the most used instrument in the daily lab routine work. The technical data is valid only when the quoted Eppendorf pipette tips are used. Eppendorf Pipette Holder System.

It may only be operated by appropriately qualified lab personnel. The Research pipette is a lab device. – Do not lay down the Research pro when a filled pipette tip is attached. Eppendorf Research fix · variable · multi. Com offers the best pricing & promotions on new and refurbished Eppendorf pipettes.

Com for all the exclusive Eppendorf pipettes. How to Do Pipette Calibration: 14 Steps ( with Pictures) - wikiHow. Perfection lies in the details – this a principle that definitely holds true for our hand- held pipettes and associated consumables.

Therefore, you should pay attention for an ergonomic design of the pipette as well as on an ergonomic usage of the pipette. To guarantee problem- free, safe operation of the pipette, it is essential to observe the following points: Handling – Use the Research pro only when a pipette tip is attached. Eppendorf Research ® plus.